glAnts - an Ant Simulation Game
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glAnts-mech - This project is a combination mech game and simulation that will allow you to interact with simple artificial ants. Once you provoke them, they will send fire ants out to protect the nest. You will be able to use the maze environment to plan or run

I finally added some game coding documentation, it is not all in one place but it is a lot of code to play with. Game Programming Src

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  • Mar 28, 2008 - CHANGELOG highlights
    Here are some small updates for glants-mech game. It has been 3 years and there hasn't been much that has changed but here are some clarifications. glants-mech is a mech game and not a simulation (anymore). There are two versions a linux and win32 version. As of Mar 2008, glants-mech compiles on ubuntu linux 7.10, but I had some issues running with my graphics card. The win32 binary is working.

    See an avi video of playing glants, 20MB of glants:
    glants video (botnode server)

    New development on glants-mech will discontinue, if you are interested in continuing development, contact me at: berlin dot brown at

  • July 1, 2005 - Development notes, updates. It has been a while. I will be providing development notes on an external website, describing this project.

    This project is lightweight, so you can take this framework to create your own game.

  • May 26, 2004 - Another AI application
  • Sept 16, 2003 - Updates are going to come very slowly. I am working on other projects and of course my job.
  • Oct 1, 2002 - Linux version is available!
    glAnts Project Page
  • Sept 28, 2002 - Finished the menu, added some misc screens. Fullscreen works. Moving to linux now, wish me luck.
  • Sept 25, 2002 - Added menu and some more controls, nothing special
  • Sept 14, 2002 - Revamped the system, added a more game look. Collision detection is not 100% but you have something.
  • Sept 8, 2002 - The current version has mouse support for the camera, a small score indicator and you can modify a config file in order to change the configuration of the game.
  • Sept 4, 2002 - Added a player so that you can shoot other ants. The camera takes a little getting used to and the speed is a little slow, but at least you get to move around.
  • Aug 13,2002 - The site is up, the first set of opengl code under windows will be posted sometime today.
  • Aug 16,2002 - The first test version is available. All source is provided because that is the only way to change anything. You can download from

Aug 13, 2002 - Currently glAnts is an ant simulation. A set of of about 100-500 ants try to survive in a simulated garden. If Anything offsets the balance of the world, then the ants die over time. Otherwise, the ants may produce a surplus of food which has never happened.

The goal is to use this simple Alife simulation to create a game in the area of a first person shooter. Your goal would be to disrupt the ants balance and thereby destroy the ant colony. There goals is protect the nest.

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