glAnts - an Ant Simulation Game
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Design - Currently, there is really not much to say of the design. I have an opengl setup, camera, lights, objects, garden, nest. I have been using something I like to call mySOGL which stands for my simple gl library. It really doesnt deserve a name because it basically some code template I can throw together for opengl code.
Design Hardware Specs
Compile and Run Machine - well I compiled this with a pentium2-400mhz with a rivatnt2, 32MB graphics card. With 400 ants, the simulation runs at about 25frames per second. Once they begin to die you may get into the 40-50 range. The speed depends on the ant ai and not really on the graphics since the graphics are not very impressive.

Simulation - the current set of source and binary is based on my most recent set of testing code. You can change a lot of the of the constants in bot.h to change the simulation. For example, you can change the number of bots, the how much food they get initially, how much food they consume while moving, etc.