glAnts - an Ant Simulation Game
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Links - Various links to opengl, games and other artificial intelligence info.
Misc Misc
  • My original site - There is some software there, and some misc linux links

  • Java Ants - This is the basis of my design. So my idea is really not original at all. This guy does a better job of explaining the ants stuff.
  • Opengl Site - The main opengl site
  • Nehe's Opengl Site - Every tutorial on opengl can be found here. If you need to do anything in ogl, you should check here.
  • Nate Miller's Opengl Page - Another site for opengl tutorials, it has great advanced stuff
  • - BSP siteGameDev link the SGI BSP faq
  • BSP FAQ SGI - The actual sgi link
  • Everything Linux - I basically go to two sites throughout my day. This is one of them and of course slashdot. Out of the entire internet, these are the best two sites and of course
  • - Slashdot, need I say more.